Tokyo Olympics

One of the Club's most accomplished members is Marina Carrier, modern pentathlete.

A skilled, hardworking and determined athelete, Marina, coached by Joe Raciborski, was selected to the Australian Olympic team in February 2020 and competed at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021!

You can read about her achievements on the Australian Modern Penthalon site, and the Australian Olympic Committee site, as well as in our Club news:

As well as being a world class elite athlete, Marina is a true team player, and despite a heavy training schedule for the Olympics, she still found time to visit MFC several times to share her skills and good vibes.

Marina Carrier bouts with a young athlete at the MFC training venue. The shot is taken from behind this athlete, showing her en guard facing Marina, who faces the camera. Both stand ready to pounce!Marina Carrier and Joe Raciborski stand en guard ready to spring. The shot is taken from behind Marina as she faces Joe on the piste. The back of her jacket shows the stencil 'CARRIER AUS' and we can see the southern cross on the right leg of her breeches. Both are lefties, cancelling out the left handed advantage!Marina Carrier stands next to coach Joe Raciborski on the piste at the MFC training venue. Both have their masks pushed back to sit on the tops of their heads. Is this a thing? It must be. Marina is giving a talk to some of the athletes and coaches.Marina Carrier shakes the hand of the young fencer she has just bouted with. Both have their masks pushed back on the tops of their heads, it IS a thing! The young fencer smiles and, although we can't see Marina's face because the shot is taken from behind her and to the side, I reckon she is smiling too. She's actually such a beacon of positivity that she always seems to be smiling! Yeah, we're fans.Marina Carrier and coach Jo Raciborski shake hands on the piste after a bout at the MFC training venue. Some members and spectators stand at the sides applauding and smiling. This bout was pretty dynamic! I think we all know who won that one. Sorry Joe, you may have amazing calves but Marina is small and mighty! Forza Marina!