New to fencing?

So you'd like to start fencing? Fantastic!

Below are answers to some common questions those new to fencing tend to ask. Hopefully these answers will give you the info you need to get started, but if you need more details please get in contact – we look forward to seeing you at the club!

What happens the first time I come? Will I get to (or have to) fence someone for real?
Fun happens! One of the coaches or senior members will show you all the equipment and how it works, you'll get the feel of a sword in your hand and you'll learn the basics of fencing (footwork, parries, lunges, that sort of thing) as well as the rules. And very quickly (if you want to) you'll be fencing with someone! You can ask all the questions you want and go as quickly or slowly as you like. The club is a relaxed, friendly and inclusive environment.

Do I show up at any session or do I need to come to a special beginners' session?
You're welcome at any of the sessions – come and try it out! Training with the coaches will give you the skills to get started, and you can start practising right away with the team. Training information is listed here.

Do I need to let you know in advance that I'm coming and I'm a new fencer?
No, just come along! If you do let us know (contact details here) we can keep an eye out for you and the coaches can plan for how they might teach you, but it isn't necessary – just turn up!

Do I need to get special equipment first – swords and things?
The club provides all the equipment you need – weapons, protective gear, everything. Some of our members buy their own equipment but there certainly isn't any pressure or need to do so – you can continue to use club equipment as long as you like. 

Do I need to register and pay before I come? Should I bring ID?
Your first training session is free and we don't need any details in advance. If you enjoy fencing (playing with swords, what's not to like?!) you can then join as a member of the club. Membership includes all coaching, bouting and use of equipment – there are no additonal costs. As an entirely volunteer-run club we keep membership fees as low as possible to make fencing accessible. Yearly adult membership is roughly the same as buying a weekly cup of coffee. For under 18s its even cheaper, as the club is an Active Kids provider. Check out the membership options to see what might suit you. 

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable training shoes (indoor court shoes are ideal, but any simple sneakers are fine), long pants (even in summer) to give your legs some protection (the pants should have a back pocket also for when you fence with the wireless scoring boxes) or shorts if you want to fence epee (so you can wear fencing breeches over the shorts) and a t-shirt that covers the top of your track pants and bring some water to drink. If you have long hair it's a good idea to tie it back.

Come! Fence! And become part of a thriving mountains fencing community.