2022 The Grex

The winner of The Grex 2022 is Nobby!

Nobby team members were L. Cornish, R. Cornish, O. Taylor and D. Barnham.

Nobby won with a final score of 35.3.


Lucifer's Minions came second with a score of 33.6. Their team members were L. Cockburn, M. Cornell, A. Gill, H. Holloway, A. Quicke and D. Ryan.


Inigo Montoyas came third with a score of 30.1. Their team members were A. Yip, K. Mohan and E. Falk.


Take the Piste came fourth with a score of 22.6. Their team members were S. Tsai, T. Kent, and A. Havenga

Breakdowns of team scores can be found here.