COVIDSafe training

As per current government guidelines in response to the evolving COVID situation, the club is temporarily closed.


MFC's COVIDSafe training plan is based on:

All all coaches/volunteers/members/participants/visitors ('participants') must abide by the NSW Government guidelines and Public Heath Orders.

In addition, all participants must abide by the Club's code of conduct and the following Club Participation Principles:

Club Participation Principles

The club will:
  • exclude any participant who displays symptoms of COVID-19
  • exclude any participant who is required to be isolating (check at
  • continue to require that all participants sign in at the start of each training session
  • provide hand sanitiser for all participants
  • not exceed one person per 4 square metres of space in the premises (max. 47 people in the training hall, max. 20 people in the small room)
  • ensure equipment is sanitised after use
  • wash club uniforms after each use
  • as directed by the current Public Health Order (23 June 2021), limit training session to 20 participants (in addition to coaches).
Participants will:
  • not attend training if they:
  • sanitise their hands when entering the venue
  • sign in when entering the venue
  • maintain a distance of 1.5m from others when not engaged in training activities that require closer proximity
  • place Club gear and equipment into provided washing bags and/or tubs after use
  • at all times, follow all NSW Government guidelines including staying away if unwell and maintaining good hygiene practices
  • as directed by the current Public Health Order (23 June 2021), wear face masks at all times when in the venue, except when enaged in strenuous training.

COVIDSafe app

The Club recommends that all participants download and run the COVIDSafe app.